Strategy – Marketing, public affairs, branding, image management

Successful school marketing strategies are underpinned by innovative ideas and thorough market analysis.

They deliver credible messages that resonate with your prospective students.

Whether you are seeking to enrol  local or international students in order to fill a specific course of study, or promote your brand and build your reputation, our strategies use creative ideas to bring in the catch you are seeking.

Marketing strategy development

The development of the school marketing strategy is always consultative and ensures our clients understand the challenges and opportunities of our recommendations.

This includes a clear understanding of the costs, expected benefits and risks, prior to the commencement of a campaign.

Strategy development can involve:

  • online analytics and quantitative research
  • client workshops and discussions
  • market environment and stakeholder appraisal
  • qualitative surveys and focus groups
  • audience  motivation analysis
  • communication audits and technical analysis
  • contact database assessment and development
  • project documentation, implementation, budgets and plans