Take your school or institute to the next level by succeeding in the online landscape with our powerful strategy, SEO, social media and digital analytics services.


With our unique Search and Social Media Analysis you’ll be able to answer these questions about your school or institute:

  • What are your target audience searching for on Google?
  • Where on Google will they find you and not your competitors?
  • Where can you find and connect with your ideal audience on social media?
  • How can you build an on-going connection with a prospective audience?
  • Who is influencing your audience on social media?
  • Which influencers are likely to tell to your audience about you?
  • How can you connect with these influencers?

A Search and Social Media Analysis is a standalone report which will enable you to develop targeted marketing campaigns to connect with your audience.

What your analysis will include

Your report will be over 35 pages packaged with information, data and online marketing strategies custom written for your school or institute. You’ll be able to turn this into a great online marketing campaign to gain more students, attract quality staff and improve outcomes.

The analysis will bring together information from Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin using more than a dozen analytical tools.

Identify your ideal target audience

We identify audience types and interest topics relevant to your ideal students and stakeholders.

Google search matrix

We discover the most frequently used Google search terms and the level of competition on those terms. We can then focus your SEO or Adwords campaigns on priority high-volume, low-competition search terms relevant to your institution.

How is your website performing?

Using your Google Analytics data and our website analytic tools we compare who is coming to your website, and how they get there, against the Search Matrix priority terms. We also interpret your Google Analytics data to examine how well your website is performing and indeed whether your analytics data in its current set-up is giving you the real story.

Find audiences and influencers on social media

Find your ideal customer audiences on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and who is influencing them. Each platform can help you in different ways.

Demographic and interest audience targeting

Using our knowledge of Facebook’s powerful demographics we can identify and set-up specific targeted audiences. You will be able to immediately reach out to these audiences through Facebook.

Where is the greatest influence on your ideal target audience?

For each audience and topic group we will identify the most influential people and organisations on Twitter. Using the our “Influencer Score” we identify the level of influencer potential in each audience group. You can then develop marketing content to focus on specific influencer audiences.

Build professional relationships

We identify your ideal target audience and influencers on LinkedIn so you can reach out and connect with them.

Join the target audience community

We identify special interest group, forums and report on the size and level of activity of the forum. This will enable you to find active online communities to join to raise your profile amongst your ideal audience.

The synergy of Search, Social and Analytics

In addition to all this great information we’ll give you some great advice about how to put all this together into a single dynamic online marketing strategy. The power of multiple social media platforms working together with Google search and digital analytics could revolutionise the way you provide education.