As a State Government supported partnership between Victoria University’s College of Sport & Exercise Science and three secondary schools, – Essendon Keilor College, Manor Lakes College and Maribyrnong College – the  new program was designed to support students with aspirations for a career in the sports industry.

The challenge was to demonstrate to parents and students how a passion for sports could lead to university qualifications, and real employment opportunities.

Providing services in data research and analysis, copy writing, photography and graphic design, GRS researched and developed a unique matrix table that presented education levels and qualifications in specific career paths, against the various types of sports industry positions and jobs that might be available.

Alongside a variety of motivational and educational information, the final communications material also included included comparative data on potential first year earnings for school leavers to university graduates.

It provided prospective parents and students with a clearer understanding of how a career in sports was not limited to elite sports.  Sports and Recreation Industry Pathways (SARIP) is now a statewide program.