How to create effective school marketing campaigns in an increasingly competitive education market.

Effective school marketing campaigns

Worthwhile school marketing campaigns inform and educate target  communities about the unique attributes and strengths of each school.

Involving a range of marketing services and communications mediums, effective campaigns reach individuals, on multiple levers – at home, at work, socially, and during recreation or relaxation.

Creating sound school marketing messages

Educational messages, rather than telling and selling based messages, are key to successful marketing campaigns.

In doing so, they mimic how we learn, and rather than telling people what you want them to know, and then hard selling merits of that information, educational messages allow prospective students and parents to become informed, and form views and opinions based on multiple exposures, and sound argument, that is presented in a reasonable manner.

Such campaigns are focus on learning, and combine multiple overt messages with multiple subtle exposures over time. Sound rationale and ideas are based on sound verifiable facts. For these reasons our services include the strategic use of multiple messages and delivery mediums:

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Further reading:This article draws on established consumer behavior literature to suggest that consumers engage in relational market behavior due to personal influences, social influences, and institutional influences‘ Jagdish N. Sheth; Atul Parvatiyar.