A comprehensive range of public relations services help to further the interests of our clients.

For smaller education clients such as secondary colleges, this could include working with local Federal and State Members, or engaging with business / community groups such as the Chamber of Commerce or Rotary.

For larger institutions such as university or TAFE, this can involve building productive relationships with key corporate and government stakeholder in order to achieve a culture of support and consent for key programs.



We do not provide a third party lobbying service but help our clients become effective advocates in their own right. Our services involve:

  • comprehensive policy reviews
  • stakeholder and issues analysis
  • engagement and advocacy strategies
  • issues monitoring and tactical response
  • online and offline media management
  • stakeholder education and alliance building
  • member communication and support
  • general public relations.


We are pleased to offer more information or to discuss how we may be of assistance. Contact us on  +61 3 9478 5224 or info@grscom.com.au