Expert project management of your digital marketing strategy through a broad range of online services.

SEO Services

Our SEO Services provide a structured best-practice approach to improving your Google ranking through advice and monitoring on-page factors and conducting SEO outreach.

We conduct an SEO analysis of your existing website and your high ranking competitors. The SEO analysis will report on technical issues but more importantly link these back to your business needs and objectives.

We want you to understand the SEO issues you face in non-technical terms so you can make good decisions about your SEO expenditure. While Google organic lists are free, the work you need to do to get to number one requires consistent time, effort and therefore cost.

The SEO Analysis will report on terms you should be targeting to rank highly for. There is no point putting a big effort into ranking for search terms which no one uses.

The SEO Analysis will assess your website for factors which are holding it back including on-site and off-site factors. It will look at these factors on your competitor’s website as well. You will see what you have to beat. You’ll also have learned from their success.

SEO also involves off-site factors such as the types of links pointing to your site. Off-site SEO usually requires an on-going outreach program which we can implement for you or mentor your internal staff.

Social Media Management

Our social media management team will set-up your social media accounts, create lead-generating content and manage campaigns, posts, advertising and follower interaction. Or we mentor you to do it yourself.

If you don’t have social media accounts we can set these up for you in a way that is best for your institute. We can then train your staff in how to use the accounts or run your social media accounts for you.

Running a social media account involves distributing content in a planned and strategic way. It also needs constant monitoring to engage people who interact with your social media content (eg. replying to any comments you receive).

You may wish to consider a hybrid social media management approach, which combines our services with using your own staff. Alternatively we can set up your social media systems, run them for a period and then do a hand-over to your staff.

Adwords Management

Google Adwords is a highly controllable and measurable advertising medium that can instantly place you at the top of the Google search engine for the search terms of your choosing. The Adwords system also provides the ability to advertise on YouTube and with Display ads throughout the Internet.

The key to successful Adwords management is selecting the right keywords. Find out what keywords your audience are using to search for your institute and services and which ones will give you the highest chance of ad placement no matter what your budget.

Our Google accredited Adwords management team can prepare and implement an Adwords advertising campaign to fit your budget and give you a measurable return on investment.

Whilst placing an ad on Adwords can be a simple D.I.Y. exercise, the reality is that to achieve cost effective performance using Adwords you need skilled implementation. This implementation needs to consider the end-to-end “search-to-sale” process involving not only Adwords but your Analytics and website set-up/design as well.

Our Adwords remarketing campaigns can keep reminding your ideal customer to come back and buy from you no matter where they are on the Internet.

Advanced Google Analytics

Our Advanced Google Analytics and Campaign Tracking will help you measure and control every part of your audience journey online.

If you haven’t moved beyond the basic Google Analytics your web developer set up, then your analytics data is probably next to useless. If you’re not actively and regularly using analytics then you are most likely missing valuable business opportunities and wasting time and money on under-performing marketing.

If you think analytics isn’t important in your business then you’re like a retail storeowner running a shop blindfolded. You have no idea who is passing your store without coming in, who just steps in the front door and leaves; what people look at in your store and who is and isn’t buying.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an e-commerce or a service business, knowing how people are responding to your website is essential.