Marketing for post-graduate education and professional development

The Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine’s (A5M Medical Education) is a provider of post-graduate professional education to Registered and some unregistered health practitioners.

Its known identity and strengths centre around its reputation for quality professional development programs focused on anti-ageing medicine and integrative health care. The Academy advocates for integrative medicine as a means to achieve a more holistic approach to health care and thereby improve general health and longevity.

A5M Medical Education engaged GRS Communication to assist with the marketing and promotions of their post-graduate services in the areas of General Practice and Aesthetic Medicine, Allied and Complementary Health centred around an annual conference and exhibition..

GRS assisted A5M to leverage the research-dependent and educational approach to its service as a solid foundation to the campaign. This involved various online and offline marketing communication activities in medical media promotions, web authoring, newsletter and bulletin development; video production, specific events, annual conferences and training seminar promotions.