May 4, 2016

12 tips to better campaigns

Advertising and other forms of promotion can help to build reputations, create awareness about products and services, and differentiate what you have to offer from your competitors. Here are twelve tips to consider that will help you improve the public relations of your advertising. It is important to tell the truth, and refer to solid…

May 4, 2016

Knowing your market

By planning for the long term rather than simply focussing on short-term gain, advertisers are compelled to consider the public relations issues of their advertising campaigns. Used appropriately, advertising can be a very effect tool in the marketing communication mix. However, advertising on its own is not a panacea for small business success and fortuitous…

May 4, 2016

The foundation of sound college marketing

Why is it that one public school enjoys the reputation of being the ‘best’ local school, while others do not? Practically every Principal I’ve spoken to about marketing communications has reported such behavioural trends in their parent communities. It’s what some jokingly call the ‘sheoples’ phenomenon – when parents flock to one school on the…