Successful government school marketing campaigns

Successful government school marketing campaigns focus on building and promoting a schools competitive advantage.

With curriculum requirements being universal, schools often find it difficult to identify and / or articulate their unique competitive advantage.

It takes time do the necessary research and understand the local market. Only through this process can strategies, messages and projects resonate with a specific communities.

At GRS Communications we have specialised in government school marketing.

In the end, our propriety programs will help to improve your school’s image, raise visibility, and motivate more prospective parents and students to engage.

A variety of government school marketing services

A variety of services enable our government school clients to promote their offerings successfully in their local education market.

Our services go beyond this and drill down to reach very specific target communities and demographic groups:

Selective use of communication resource

The selective use of communication resources is a vital part of an enhanced government school marketing campaign. Importantly the communication resources produced for our clients, are always of the highest quality offering high appeal and outreach. For example:

  • marketing booklets and brochures
  • news print and radio advertising
  • billboards, posters and flyers
  • website design, build, and content writing
  • websites, social media advertising, blogs and articles
  • school prospectuses and information booklets
  • presentation folders, bags and paraphernalia
  • annual reports and year books
  • media releases, newsletters and background information
  • banners, signs, flags and shopping centre displays
  • voice and video call waiting messages, and online videos
  • letter box drops and direct mail.